Monday, June 3, 2013

A Step in the Write Direction--June 3, 2013

A Step in the Write Direction
June 3, 2013
Update: Sorry this is late today. Helped get my sister off to her cottage in Michigan for the summer, and our youngest daughter will be leaving for a 3-week visit with our other daughter and family in Oklahoma tomorrow. They’ll both (my sister and daughter) be in Oklahoma City around the same time, and there is a 40% chance of more tornadoes there, so we’re praying for safety….Praise that our daughter’s family stayed safe last week. Tornado went 26 feet over their house (they sent pictures)….Praise also that my husband’s MRSA is all cleared up….Got a new computer last week with Word 2007. I had 2003, so am still negotiating the new tool bar…Also got a new phone that takes pix, texts, etc., but don’t have it activated yet….My daughter took me through the low-carb book she has (she’s diabetic). It’s pretty easy: 2½ lbs. down this week, about 13 to go….Accepted the invitation to teach at the CLASS conference in Albuquerque October 15-17. Will teach “Writing and Selling Your Poetry” and “Where to Get Ideas.” If they have space, will also teach “10 Hints on Selling Your First Book.” (Any of you live in that area and know any inexpensive, good motels?)
Thought for the Day: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts” (Winston Churchill).
Laugh for the Day: A man received a call that his mother-in-law had passed away while visiting the Holy Land. “We can bury her here for $200,” the caller said, “or we can ship her home for $3,000.” “Ship her home,” the son-in-law replied. “Are you sure?” the caller said. “You want to spend $3,000?” “Yes,” the son-in-law insisted. “One person you buried there arose after three days, and I don’t want that to happen to my mother-in-law.”
Question: How do you format a Table of Contents with the leader dots?
The following information (for Word 2007) is from Elizabeth Boston’s “Ask the Computer Lady,” a very helpful weekly newsletter. You can subscribe by going to: .
“Go through your document and find each chapter heading and any sub-headings that you want to be included in your table of contents. Highlight each heading, and click on the “Heading 1” style in the ribbon. If you are going to have sub-headings in each chapter, use “Heading 2” for those sections. If you don’t like the default settings for Heading 1 and Heading 2, just right click on the icon for each heading, and click “Modify…” to change the style.
“Once you have applied that formatting to each heading, click in the front of your document where you want the Table of Contents to be located, click on the “References” tab in the ribbon, then click on the “Table of Contents” icon in the ribbon. Select the style of TOC that you want, and click on it. Word will automatically build your Table of Contents. As you continue to work on your document, you can update the TOC by simply clicking on the “Update Table” icon.”
* * *
You can find more information on creating a Table of Contents at another source:
Have a good week spreading the gospel
through the printed page!
Donna Clark Goodrich

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