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A Step in the Write Direction--May 20, 2013

A Step in the Write Direction
May 20, 2013
Finally got all the acceptance emails out for the father/grandfather anthology. Now comes the harder part—editing! This is going to be a really good book, and I’m excited about its release….We were praying constantly yesterday for our daughter and family who live in Cushing, Oklahoma. They were about 20-30 miles from Carney which sustained a lot of tornado damage, and not that far from Shawnee. More storms are expected today…For anyone acquainted with Cecil Murphey (author of such books as 90 Minutes in Heaven and Gifted Hands, his wife passed away last weekend from a massive stroke. You can send a card to: 4297 Tucker North Court.
Instead of sending flowers to Reg Forder when his wife Eleanore died and to Cecil, I’m going to accept donations which will be used for scholarships for the November Arizona Christian Writers Conference that Reg leads. You can make out the check to ACW or pay through PayPal.
Thought for the Day:
"Don't just tell people to aim high, but steady the ladder while they do so."
—Debra J. Dickerson, An American Story
Note from Donna: We need to encourage other writers along the way as those in the past have encouraged us!
Laugh for the Day:
One morning a grandmother was surprised to find that her 7-year-old grandson had made her coffee. Smiling, she choked down the worst cup of her life. When she finished, she found three little green Army men at the bottom. Puzzled, she asked, “Honey, what are these Army men doing in my coffee?” Her grandson answered, “Like it says on TV, Grandma. ‘The best part of waking up is soldiers in your cup.’” (For those who aren’t familiar with this ad, it says, ‘The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup.’)
Prayer Request:
I don’t very often ask for prayer for myself, but if you get a spare moment, you can send up a prayer for my COPD which is getting progressively worse. This last month or so has been especially bad. Thanks!!
Reader’s Question: Do I have to get written permission for every source I quote in my book, even if I give the credit in the body of the text
Answer: The rule on that is "fair use." In other words, how much of their information are you using and how long is the manuscript you're writing. For example, if you were writing a 300-word article and quoted 200 words from someone else, that wouldn't be considered fair use. Or if you used 1000 words of their 2000 word article that wouldn't be considered fair use.
One editor said at a conference you can use 100 words from a 100-page book, 200 words from a 200-page book, etc., and that sounded pretty good. When I had wrote two books for John Wiley & Sons, they told me I could use up to 300 words without permission as long as I gave the proper credit line, but usually I hear 100 words as fair use.
Also, even if you’re not quoting someone verbatim, but the “idea” belongs to them, you should give them credit. For example, if you said “Big Brother is watching you,” that isn’t 100 words, but the quote comes from Orwell’s 1984.
However, the 100-word limit does NOT apply to music. In music, you can't quote more than one line without permission, and sometimes this is difficult to obtain especially on contemporary gospel music or secular music. But you can paraphrase the words or just give the title.
Have a good week spreading the gospel
through the printed page!
Donna Clark Goodrich
"A Step in the Write Direction--the Complete How-to Guide for Christian Writers"

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