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A Step in the Write Direction--October 26, 2015--Leads

A Step in the Write Direction

October 26, 2015

Update: Another interesting week. Adopted a doggie from the humane society last Wednesday, but am going to have to take him back. He’s bitten me or another family member several times this last week and the vet today said he had “behavioral problems.” They couldn’t even give him an examination without him nabbing and growling. Now I have about $75 of doggie supplies to find a home for!...Good sermon Sunday by another interim pastor on Psalm 139:1-6. God sees, God hears, and God’s with us. One statement stuck with me: “God knows where we are and He knows where we’re going!” Also, “If you’re going through a storm of doubt and unbelief, Christ will not leave you in that storm alone. He’ll walk beside you.”

Thought for the Day: “You chart the path ahead of me and tell me when to stop and rest” (Psalm 139:3 tlb).

Song for the Day:
He placed me upon the strong rock by His side.
My steps were established, and here I’ll abide.
No danger of falling while here I remain,
But stand by His grace until the crown I gain.
            “He Brought Me Out,” Henry J. Zelley

Laugh for the Day:
Differences of Opinions

Dr. Eugene Brice tells a disturbing story about a minister who returned to visit a church he had once served. He ran into Bill, who had been an elder and leader in the church, but who wasn't around anymore. The pastor asked, "Bill, what happened? You used to be there every time the doors opened."

"Well, Pastor," said Bill, "a difference of opinion arose in the church. Some of us couldn't accept the final decision and we established a church of our own. But we found that there, too, the people were not faithful and a small group of us began meeting in a rented hall at night."

"Has that proven satisfactory?" asked the minister.

"No, I can't say that it has," Bill responded. "Satan was active even in that fellowship, so my wife and I withdrew and began to worship on Sunday at home by ourselves. However, my wife began to develop ideas I was not comfortable with, so now she worships in the northeast corner of the living room, and I am in the southwest" (King Duncan, quoting Eugene Brice, Collected Sermons,

Writer’s Tips:                                    Leads

Capture the editor's attention in your very first paragraph. It takes only five seconds for a reader to turn the page and go to another article. If an editor doesn't like your first page, it won’t take him long to return your manuscript in your SASE, or send you an e-mail rejection, and go on to the next manuscript in his pile. I like the saying, “The lead brings your reader from the front porch into the living room and invites him to sit down and have a chat with you.”

Following is one of the best leads I’ve ever read:

We brought her home from the hospital. We had awaited the moment with excitement for almost nine months. We brought her into the newly remodeled room that had been a sewing room. It was freshly painted a pastel pink, and the flower print curtains just matched.

We gently laid her in her new bed and raised the sides to keep her from falling out. We looked at her pink and wrinkled face. She looked like a prune, but she was ours and we loved her.

We changed her diapers. It was no fun, but we knew it would be necessary for a while. We fed her slowly, being careful not to spill food on her bib.

She was crying herself to sleep as we tiptoed out of the room. We looked at each other, put our arms around each other, and held each other close. It was a loving moment: Grandma was home from the hospital.[i]

Or how about some of these leads?

“Where’s Papa going with that ax?” said Fern to her mother as they were setting the table for breakfast. (E.B. White, Charlotte’s Web)

 “Nancy, you’re kidding, no statue can whisper!” (Carolyn Keene, Nancy Drew: The Whispering Statue)

“The Herdmans were absolutely the worst kids in the history of the world.” (Barbara Robinson, The Best Christmas Pageant E

[i] Paul Thornton, “Coming Full Circle,” Lutheran Standard, May 3, 1985, p. 15.

 Have a good week spreading the
gospel through the printed page.

Donna Clark Goodrich

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