Monday, February 16, 2015

A Step in the Write Direction--February 16, 2015--Show, Don't Tell

A Step in the Write Direction
February 16, 2015

Update: On Valentine’s Day, my husband and I celebrated the 55th anniversary of our engagement—after knowing each other for 3 weeks and dating for just 2 weeks….And Tuesday we’ll celebrate our oldest son’s 53rd birthday. (Don’t know how our kids keep getting older when we’re not!)...More on Peter walking on the water from recent sermon:
·        Jesus said, “It is I. Be not afraid.” He walked through the storm to come to them.
·        If you’re in a storm today, here He comes! He’s on His way!
·        Disciples were so caught up in the storm, they didn’t recognize Jesus when He came their way.
·        He was miles away from them—up on the mountain—but He came to them. He knew where they were.
·        Before we’re converted, we had storms, and just because we’re now following Jesus doesn’t mean we won’t have storms anymore. The difference now is, we’re not alone! Jesus knows where we are and He’ll come to us in our storms!

Thought for the Day:
"Look for something positive in every day, even if some days you have to look a little harder." — Zig Ziglar

Laugh for the Day:
What kind of man was Boaz before he got married? 
(Thanks to my great niece Anna Clark for this one.)

Song for the Day:
I stand on the mountain of blessing at last.
No cloud in the heavens a shadow to cast.
His smile is upon me, the valley is past,
For He is so precious to me.
            Charles H. Gabriel, “He Is So Precious to Me”

Writer’s Tips: More “Show, Don’t Tell”

*          "He was a bushy-haired, massive man. What color hair? How massive? What did he weigh? Did he tower over someone? How tall? (To my husband who is only 4 feet 10, “tall” could be 5 feet 6.  Paint a picture your reader can see in his/her mind.

*          Don't just say a character is beautiful. That’s your opinion! Describe her so thoroughly that the reader will say, “She must be beautiful.”

*          Same with, “It was a beautiful day.” Means different things to different people. What does a beautiful day mean to you? To my late “bestest” friend Kathy on a boat ride to the Isle of Skye, the rain and wind were “beautiful.”

*          The meal was scrumptious.” It’s okay if this is in dialogue; otherwise, it’s just your opinion.

*          “When Ashley got home from school she told her mother that her friends were shunning her.” How? Use some dialogue with her mother. Give example. Does she pass them in the hallway and say “hi” and they don’t answer? Do they whisper behind her back? Don’t they invite her to any of their activities? Didn't they save a place for her in the cafeteria?

What Do Your Characters Look Like?

*          Grace Livingston Hill books—main character reminded me a lady at our church.

*          Carole Gift Page—cuts out pictures of girls and boys, teenagers, parents, grandparents; houses—inside and out; yards; automobiles; buildings in town—library, mall, etc. Hangs pictures on clothesline in her office. Refers to them often. (This way her main character who is blonde and 5 feet 2 doesn’t suddenly become a 5 feet 6 redhead.)

*          Make a resume or application for characters: 

·        Name can fit different eras, i.e., a lot of “Debby” the year our son was born in 1962

·        Physical description (weight, height, age—not allowed on applications any more but used to be)

·        Address (setting of book)

·        Education

·        Job history

·        References (other characters in book).

 Have a good week spreading the
gospel through the printed page.

Donna Clark Goodrich

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