Monday, January 19, 2015

A Step in the Write Direction, January 19, 2015--More Tax Tips

A Step in the Write Direction
January 19, 2015

Update: I don’t like freeways! I’m fine once I get on them, but I always fear getting on them. While crossing the overpass, before turning onto the freeway, I always look to see how much traffic there is. If I see a lot of cars, I cringe and pray that someone will let me in. They always do. Recently, while taking the freeway out of necessity, I thought of how often my life is like that. I look ahead, think of all the possible problems that could be out there, and cringe. But every time, when I have faith, God lets me onto His highway and I can go on from there.

Thought for Today: Talent is God-given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful (John Wooden).

Song for Today:
Had I a thousand tongues to sing,
The half could ne’er be told
Of love so rich, so full and free,
Of blessings manifold.
            “Let All the People Praise Thee,” Lelia N. Morris

Laugh for Today:
John’s Weather Forecasting Stone

Condition                                           Forecast
Stone is wet                                       Rain
Stone is dry                                        Not raining
Shadow on ground                           Sunny
White on top                                      Snowing
Can’t see stone                                  Foggy
Swinging stone                                  Windy
Stone jumping up and down                        Earthquake
Stone gone                                         Tornado
            (Obvious magazine)

Income Tax Tips (Schedule C continued)
Line 22, Supplies. The list is endless here: stapler/staples, paper clips, paper, envelopes, toner, pens/pencils, day planners, business card holders, software—anything you buy specifically for use in your business. I find it helps to keep two sets of these supplies—one for the family and one for your office.

Line 23, Taxes and licenses. Some states have a personal property tax for items purchased for a business. Others require a license to operate a business out of the home. Check your city’s zoning laws.

Line 24, Travel, meals, and entertainment. This line covers such things as airline tickets, rental cars, taxi fares, shuttles, and curbside baggage fees. Meals include out-of-town and overnight stays, as well as taking someone out for a business luncheon or dinner. Entertainment can include taking a client to a play, a sporting event, a concert, or another activity. Only a certain percentage of the cost for meals and entertainment is deductible, however. Any cleaning or laundry expenses while on a business trip will also be included here.

Line 25, Utilities. This is for a rented office space only. (Utilities for a home office are included on Form 8829.)

(Next week we will cover miscellaneous deductions such as postage, books/ magazines, etc.)

Have a good week spreading the
gospel through the printed page.

Donna Clark Goodrich

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