Monday, December 8, 2014

A Step in the Write Direction, December 8, 2014--You Are Important

A Step in the Write Direction

December 8, 2014

Update: A few weeks ago I hit my hand on a door casing. X-rays showed it wasn’t broken, but two of the fingers are still swollen and sore. Have you ever tried to type when you couldn’t use your middle and ring fingers on your left hand? Most of the typos I make are on the “ased” line.  Every digit of your hand is important in typing and, this Christmas season, I want to remind you that every one of you is important—to your family, to your friends, and especially to God. I know that the holiday season is often difficult for those who have lost loved ones or who may be estranged from family members, but as an old song puts it, “It matters to Him about you.”

Thought for the Day: “We can hug our hurts and make a shrine out of our sorrows or we can offer them to God as a sacrifice of praise. The choice is ours” (Richard Exley).

Song for the Day:
I will praise Him! I will praise Him!
Praise the Lamb for sinners slain!
Give Him glory, all ye people,
For His blood can wash away each stain.
            “I Will Praise Him,” Margaret J. Harris

Laugh for the Day:
First guy:  "I'm really in the doghouse. I ran afoul of one of those trick questions women ask."
Second guy:  "What kind of question?"
First guy:  "She asked me if I would still love her when she was old, fat, and ugly."
Second guy:  "That's easy. You just say, 'Of course I will.'"
First guy:  "Yeah, that's what I meant to say. But what came out was, 'Of course I do.'"
            (From The Gospel Greats Newsletter, 10/27/14)

Christmas Devotion (from Preparing Your Heart for Christmas Advent book)

The Joy of Giving

It is more blessed to give than to receive. (Acts 20:35)

I had always looked forward to Christmas but this year was special. Through the high school co-op program, I was allowed to leave school at noon and go to a job for which I received credit. Now I could buy gifts for others.

For one brother, I bought a used trumpet. For my older brother and his new wife, I gave a gift certificate to buy bricks for the house they were building. I bought a set of dishes for
my sister’s family, and a chrome dinette set for my mother. I also had fun picking out toys for my nieces and nephews.

What a joy it was that Christmas morning. I was actually more excited watching everyone unwrap their gifts than I was opening my packages.

I gave gifts…because I loved.
God gave His Son…because He loved.
Jesus gave His life…because He loved…
And we’ve all been blessed.

Lord, may You be my example this Christmas—and all through the year. May I continue to give…because I love.

 Have a good week spreading the
gospel through the printed page.

Donna Clark Goodrich

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