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A Step in the Write Direction--January 14, 2013

A Step in the Write Direction
January 14, 2013
Not a lot to report from this week. Had a couple of proofreading jobs—very interesting books. One was a book of one-minute prayers for young men. Wish I had a young man to give it to! Working on a new picture book that I hope to take to my critique group tomorrow. And yesterday we celebrated my husband’s 77th birthday. With all his health problems (12 in all), we give thanks every time another birthday rolls around. I think of the words of the Bill Gaither song, “We have this moment today!”
Thought for Today:
15 Exercises We'd Be Better off Without in 2013
  1. Jumping on the bandwagon
  2. Wading through paperwork
  3. Running around in circles
  4. Pushing your luck
  5. Spinning your wheels
  6. Adding fuel to the fire
  7. Beating your head against the wall
  8. Climbing the walls
  9. Beating your own drum
  10. Dragging your heels
  11. Jumping to conclusions
  12. Grasping at straws
  13. Fishing for compliments
  14. Throwing your weight around
  15. Passing the buck (Source unknown)
Laugh for Today:
Is one of your resolutions this year to lose weight? Maybe the following will help:

Italian Pasta Diet—It Really Works
  • You walka pasta da bakery.
  • You walka pasta da candy store.
  • You walka pasta da Ice Cream shop.
  • You walka pasta da table and fridge.
Writer’s Hints (continued from last week)
  • Delete any words in red as they may not transfer on the final manuscript, and probably wouldn’t be included in the published book as any color adds to the cost.
  • Reduce the number of exclamation points you use. That and all caps looks like you’re shouting at the reader.
  • Keep all your font sizes and styles the same size (Times New Roman. 12 point, is the most popular).
  • Use numbers for percentages, then spell out the word “percent,” unless it’s in someone else’s quotation.
  • Any quotations from popular or religious songs may have to have permission, and the popular ones especially can cost a ton of money. To determine if a song’s in public domain, subtract 75 from the current year, and if it’s copyrighted before then, it’s okay. Otherwise, you can only quote one line, give the title, or paraphrase the words—still giving credit to the author or singer.
  • On the subtitle page, put these words:
Unless otherwise noted, all Scriptures in this book are taken from ­­­_version you’re using most often, and then give the credit line for the Bible you’re using. This saves you from having to give the version after every Scripture. Also, if you put words in Scripture in italics, rather than putting “italics added” after every verse, just put, also on the subtitle page: Italics in Scripture have been added by the author.
  • Let your words carry the message, then you won’t need all the caps, italics, bold, and exclamation points. Basically, (and I’m putting this in caps) MAKE IT AS EASY FOR THE EDITOR AS POSSIBLE! Having to delete all these extra things will only make him/her more work.
Have a good week writing everyone! Are you keeping up with your writing goals you set on January 1?
Donna Goodrich

"A Step in the Write Direction--the Complete How-to Guide for Christian Writers"

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