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A Step in the Write Direction--November 26, 2012

A Step in the Write Direction
November 26

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving Day and that none of you were alone! Our two children, who work at a hospital, brought ham, turkey, and stuffing over here, and we supplied the potatoes and gravy, sweet corn, pumpkin pie, and Jell-O made with pineapple, sherbet, and marshmallows. Then we had a nice talk with our daughter and family in Oklahoma.
I’m beginning to receive submissions for the grandfather/father anthology. I’d love to see some children write something about their dad or grandpa. Pass this on to your family!
Thought for the Day:

“It’s a constant challenge for any church not to become a house of condemnatory judgment in which our wounded are spiritually executed by a firing squad of merciless fellow members” (Lloyd Ogilvie).
Laugh for the Day:

Top Five Excuses if Caught Sleeping at Your Desk (Source Unknown)
No. 5: They told me at the blood bank this might happen.
No. 4: This is just a fifteen-minute power nap they raved about at the management course you sent me to.
No. 3: Whew! Guess I left the top off the Witeout®. You probably got here just in time.
No. 2: Did you ever notice sounds coming out of these keyboards when you put your ear down real close?
And, the No. 1 best thing to say if you get caught sleeping at your desk: Raise your head slowly and say, “. . . In Jesus’ name. Amen.”
Book Recommendation
(From C.J. Darlington): I'm writing to let you know about my just released nonfiction ebook. It's called 112 Christian Authors and Publishing Professionals Share Their Best Advice for Novelists. Includes advice from authors like Karen Kingsbury, Frank Peretti, Ted Dekker, Jerry B. Jenkins, Josh McDowell, Liz Curtis Higgs, Francine Rivers, James Scott Bell, Terri Blackstock, Randy Alcorn, Melody Carlson, and many more! All for just $2.99. The links to learn more are: On Amazon for your KINDLE:; On B&N for your NOOK:
Sharing Time
While teaching the poetry workshop at the ACW conference this year in Tempe, Arizona, I had only one student, so we had a good one-to-one chat with plenty of time for questions. This took me back to another ACW conference many years ago in Nashville:
At that conference I was also slated to teach the poetry workshop, and again, only one lady showed up. I told her, “If you want to attend another class, I’ll just give you my booklet on ‘Writing and Selling Your Poetry.’” (Secretly I was hoping she’d say OK as I wanted to attend another class.) But instead, she said, “Can we just talk?”
I agreed, and she began to share her story of a broken relationship with her son. Even though he and his family lived just down the block, she wasn’t allowed to visit them or see her grandchildren. Mother’s Day was coming up in a few weeks, and she was heartbroken that there would be no gift or card from them. At the end of the hour, we prayed and I offered a few suggestions.
A few days later she called me. She had gone to their house, knocked on the door, and asked to come in. She then shared some of the suggestions I had given her (with God’s leading). Her voice rang with happiness as she told me of the reconciliation.
The next month I was at another ACW conference in Atlanta, and told this story to Reg Forder, giving the lady’s name. “Oh, didn’t you hear?” he said. “She died a week after the Nashville conference of a heart attack.”
When I think of how close I came to missing out on that answer to prayer…
* * *
In John, chapter 3, Jesus gave the gospel in a nutshell to just ONE person. Is there someone you know today who is waiting to hear from you?
God bless you all this week!
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